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Alison and Chrissy. Fighting for Love and Loving the Fight.

Lovin You vimeo.com/52113634
My Love vimeo.com/48502514


released October 20, 2012

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Alison Clancy - vocals, piano, guitar
arranged and produced in collaboration with

Chrissy Lancaster -cello, bass, vocals
Molly Allis -drums, guitar, vocals
Matthew Dunehoo -guitar, vocals
Jocelyn Tobias -vocals
Andy Baldwin -subsonics, ultra highs, timpani

Recorded by Sam Crawford at The Pink Post, Brooklyn
Mixed and Mastered by Andy Baldwin at Rola Pola, Brooklyn
(except for Lovin You which was recorded by Chrissy)

photo by Avery McCarthy



all rights reserved


HUFF THIS! New York, New York

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Track Name: River

take me to the river
take me to the water
take me, take me to the river
i want to swim

no more wading in
shivers up the skin
headfirst is the only way
to break that glassy bend

take me down to a creek
or that ditch you've been diggin
if you take me to some sandy shore
i'll run run run right in

like those pisces men
scales instead of skin
i just want to breath with ease
beneath that glassy bend

oh take me down
take me to the water
or that ditch you've been diggin
if you take me to that sandy shore
i'll dive dive dive right it
right in
Track Name: Lovin You

i'll be loving you
bigger that n the ocean
and harder than the hardest wind

i'll be loving you
daytime and the evening
through your howling and your screaming

summer's coming
and the waves pull at my feet
i'll be loving you
singing in the breeze

hey there sugar
can you feel how heavy i am layin it
coming over
can you breath, can you breath, can you breath
into it
Track Name: My Love
My Love

i'll always be your friend
i'll stay with you forever
i will feel your heart
beating like it never was hurt
i'll take you in my arms
we'll dance the night together
through fears and aging hearts
we'll watch ourselves get better
my love

all these broken things
let them crawl back to the dark
build ourselves some new things
of starlight
and like the tornado
we're gonna lay low
but i will tear you from you heart
yes i will tear you from your heart

you can hold it close
cause i'm the farthest that you're ever gonna go
oh please
say you're gonna come slow to me
my love
Track Name: Big Love

i know you've got a wall built round your heart
and i know i'm one of those people
who helped build it
but i just want to tear it down
brick by brick
stick by stick
cause i miss your tender heart
cause i know your tender heart
oh la la la la la
i can't give up on you
or our love
i'll try not to hold you
against your will
but i've got this big big heart
and i wanna share
tell me how i can care for it
your big big love

cause you are my one sun
who hides behind the moon
i know you are a precious pearl
and i know i'm one of those people
who helped build your shell
but i just want to show you to the world
your big big love
tell me how i can care for it
Track Name: Coast

and we're traveling down the coast
dusty roads and mountain bends
and the sky is getting old
and you never know if you'll see him again
but i made myself too vulnerable
another hardened rusty friend
and we're letting them all go
as we follow the light
to the end
sometimes the hardest thing to do
is nothing
when you find your resting place
in velocity
you're trembling easy
forgetting time and space
the sky opens up
in the embrace
Track Name: Open

when the door swings open
and the ground before you cracks
you're left looking at the
gaping five mile ocean
my hearts in my hands
my palms are open
oh lord i know
i know